Real time, automatic and remote-activated sampling system for industrial odour emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725:2003

Project developed by Lab Service Analytica srl Grant Agreement n. 756865

Duration: 24 months

Start date: 01/03/2017                                                  End date: 28/02/2019

Work Package 1 – Upgrading ODORPREP© monitoring stations


  • Integrate remote sensors, more sampling methods and dedicated software into ODORPREP prototype
  • Optimize the monitoring system (trigger, detection, and sampling)
  • Validate a complete ODORPREP DEMO station

Tasks included:

1.1 Software development: integration of dispersion model and remote sensors

1.2 Validation of a complete ODORPREP© DEMO

1.3 Construction and assembly of ODORPREP© DEMO units

Work Package 2 – Optimization of continuous field monitoring


  • Install and operate a prototype networks located in the industrial study zone
  • Establish a co-relationship with data measured and population odour perception

Tasks included:

2.1 Baseline study of the industrial area and monitoring network design

2.2 Installation of the DEMO ODORPREP network

2.3 Long-term performance testing

Work Package 3 – Validation and certification of ODORPREP ©


  • Have an official certification of ODORPREP system

  • Design the industrial manufacturing process of ODORPREP

  • To establish a network of qualified laboratories for odour measurement according to EN 13725

Tasks included:

3.1 Industrial manufacturing process

3.2 Network of accredited laboratories

3.3 EC certification of ODORPREP monitoring system

Work Package 4 – Commercialization, dissemination and communication


  • Design and implement our Commercial Strategy

  • Ensure business growth potential of OdorPrep

  • Design and execute our Dissemination Plan

  • Establish industrial and environmental contact networks

  • Design and implement our Communication Plan

  • Prepare technical guidelines for OdorPrep

Tasks included:

4.1 Commercialization strategy

4.2 Dissemination plan

4.3 Communication plan

Work Package 5 – Project management


  1. Oversee the overall legal, financial and administrative management of the project

  2. Prepare pre-commercial agreements

  3. Coordinate IP management

Tasks included:

5.1 Technical and administrative management

5.2 Project meetings