Industrial facilities and agricultural areas are often surrounded by human settlements.

Accidental and, or, systematic losses of unpleasant smelling substances from industrial and agricultural facilities have to be clearly documented and recorded. 

There is a clear need for an automatic device that is able to take investigative samples, when such a problems arise. OdorPrep©.  

This innovative system is composed of an air sampling device activated by a network of human sensors communicating via mobile App. The network has to be representative of the population surrounding the target area under monitoring.

Once the nuisance odor is perceived by the network, OdorPrep© is activated via mobile app. and starts to collect air samples for standard olfactometric analysis. Additional sampling accessories can be added to enable chemical investigation integrated with sensory instruments.

In conclusion, OdorPrep© has the unique characteristic to capture air in real time without delays, immediately at the time of perception of the nuisance odor.

At the beginning of 2018, we will start a large-scale validation of OdorPrep© placed in industrially relevant areas.