Real time, automatic and remote-activated sampling system for industrial odour emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725:2003

Project developed by Lab Service Analytica srl Grant Agreement n. 756865

Duration: 24 months

Start date: 01/03/2017                                                  End date: 28/02/2019

Work Package 1 – Upgrading ODORPREP© monitoring stations


  • Integrate remote sensors, more sampling methods and dedicated software into ODORPREP prototype
  • Optimize the monitoring system (trigger, detection, and sampling)
  • Validate a complete ODORPREP DEMO station

Tasks included:

1.1 Software development: integration of dispersion model and remote sensors

1.2 Validation of a complete ODORPREP© DEMO

1.3 Construction and assembly of ODORPREP© DEMO units

Work Package 2 – Optimization of continuous field monitoring


  • Install and operate a prototype networks located in the industrial study zone
  • Establish a co-relationship with data measured and population odour perception

Tasks included:

2.1 Baseline study of the industrial area and monitoring network design

2.2 Installation of the DEMO ODORPREP network

2.3 Long-term performance testing

Work Package 3 – Validation and certification of ODORPREP ©


  • Have an official certification of ODORPREP system

  • Design the industrial manufacturing process of ODORPREP

  • To establish a network of qualified laboratories for odour measurement according to EN 13725

Tasks included:

3.1 Industrial manufacturing process

3.2 Network of accredited laboratories

3.3 EC certification of ODORPREP monitoring system

Work Package 4 – Commercialization, dissemination and communication


  • Design and implement our Commercial Strategy

  • Ensure business growth potential of OdorPrep

  • Design and execute our Dissemination Plan

  • Establish industrial and environmental contact networks

  • Design and implement our Communication Plan

  • Prepare technical guidelines for OdorPrep

Tasks included:

4.1 Commercialization strategy

4.2 Dissemination plan

4.3 Communication plan

Work Package 5 – Project management


  1. Oversee the overall legal, financial and administrative management of the project

  2. Prepare pre-commercial agreements

  3. Coordinate IP management

Tasks included:

5.1 Technical and administrative management

5.2 Project meetings

Project needs

Type of partnership:

Research cooperation agreement

Type and role of Partner sought:

The technology follows European (EN13725:2003) and International standards about the odor harassments.

The main goal, at the present stage, is to realize reference cases with the support of local public authorities (mainly local and national authorities appointed to ensure/enforce air quality standards) for the validation of the methodology.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from Universities and Research Institutes in order to organize
and schedule scientific studies concerning the long-term testing of the proposed innovation.

Download the Expression of Interest form and the Information Note